Little G

I glanced at the kitchen window earlier and noticed how much the mini geranium had grown. Back in November it was just a broken branch from Leftwing Idiot’s much discussed plant. But I planted it and it’s thrived.

I’m a bit haphazard in caring for this geranium, but I’m not at all mean to it. I prune it and water it, and I’ve even given it a more spacious pot. But I’m definitely not obsessed with it in the same strange way that I am with the original plant.

However it wasn’t just my eye it caught earlier – it also got the attention of my tics:

“Oh, Baby G, you’ve got bigger than Beyoncé.”
“Little geranium, what are your views on hippos and climate change?”
“Geranium, have you been reading the cook books?”
“Little G, you’re bushier than Kate Bush and all the hair at an 80s theme night.”

Perhaps our relationship is a little strange after all.

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