Training The Tate

Today’s been a great day. The weather may have been utterly miserable, but I’m in a buoyant mood.

I ran a training session for front-of-house staff at Tate Britain in preparation for an event we’re putting on in collaboration with them. The event’s for children with Tourettes and associated conditions, and it’s called, We Forgot the Lot! It’ll take place on Saturday 12th April.

Today’s training was one of the first steps in making sure that Tate staff have a good understanding of Tourettes and are ready for the big day. It should mean they’ll be better placed to support visitors with Tourettes in future too.

Besides giving them factual information I shared some of my own experiences, and everyone took part in a no-blinking competition to help them understand what tics feel like.

The sessions went really well and I was asked lots of interesting and thoughtful questions.

I’m more excited about the event than ever. I can’t wait to see how the imagination and energy of the children and young people will transform the gallery.

Watch this space for more info about We Forgot the Lot!

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