Tooth Delay

Last June I wrote about going to the dentist for a check-up – I explained that he’d decided my teeth needed a scale and polish but that it’d have to be done under sedation because I move around so much when I’m not out cold. He referred me back to the special-care dentistry team at the local hospital who’d treated me once before.

I knew it might take a couple of months for me to be seen, but I didn’t expect it to take eight – I’ve even lost a filling since my last check-up! Today, at last I was seen – annoyingly though it was just the initial assessment during which I had to give my consent for the treatment.

Hopefully very soon (weeks rather than months this time), my teeth will get their long-awaited clean, and my broken filling will be replaced. I wasn’t sure, and nor was the dentist, what’d led to such a long delay, but I’m going to make sure the process is faster and more straightforward in future.

I’ll keep you posted on how I get on and let you know what impact the 16,000 biscuits a day have on my dental health.

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