King Russell v The Mouse

Last night King Russell and I were hanging out at the castle when we suddenly saw a tiny mouse dart under the fridge. Neither of us was too bothered by this, but my tics immediately started chatting to the new rodent resident.

“Hello mouse, please wear slippers inside.”
“Mouse, don’t wee on the geranium.”
“Mouse, we don’t talk to the lamp-post.”
“Mouse, do you like lemon sorbet?”
“Mouse, what’s your fabric softener preference?”

While this was going on King Russell set about making an elaborate humane trap using cardboard boxes, a bucket and some old bread.

The idea is that the mouse runs up the ramp to get to the bread that’s on a cardboard flap. The flap then folds down under the mouse’s weight, depositing it safely into the bucket.

King Russell was so careful to make sure the trap was humane he put some bedding and a bowl of water into the bucket.

I’ve just been to check on the whether it worked and I’m delighted to announce that King Russell managed to catch…. some bread. That’s 1-0 to the mouse then.

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