The Weekend Wash

When my hands stopped working at the start of the year I wrote about how my carers were helping me wash and it meant I’d never been cleaner.

My hands are still not quite right but they’re much better than they were, so I’ve gone back to bathing in the way I used to –sitting by myself on the bottom of the bath under the shower, with a buzzer to call for help if I need it.

While this works (more or less), it’s clearly not as effective as when I’m being helped. At the moment I don’t have a carer in the mornings during the week, but I do have one at weekends, so I’ve decided to ask them to help me have a proper wash then. I’ll keep doing it myself for the rest of the time for now, but in future I might ask for a couple of weekday morning scrubs too.

My carer helped me this morning and it felt so nice to get washed properly again.

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