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A while ago I did an interview for the Express newspaper about what it’s like living with Tourettes and about my book Welcome to Biscuit Land. The interview wasn’t published immediately and as the months wore on I’d almost forgotten about it.

Then this morning, to my surprise, I got a series of lovely emails from people who’d read the article that’s been published at last. The response has been very positive.

There are two reasons why it’s important to me to keep speaking publicly about my experiences. First, I know what a big difference other people’s understanding of Tourettes can make to what’s it’s like to live with tics. Secondly, I know how helpful it can be for people with Tourettes to read other people’s experiences of the condition.

When I was first diagnosed it was a while before I felt ready to meet other people with Tourettes, but during that time I looked out for articles about other people’s stories because it made me feel less alone. It also helped me build up the confidence to seek more support, and to feel able to meet other people with tics in person. This process has led to treasured friendships and I really hope that today’s article starts that journey for other people.

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