Before Summer Crashed

A few weeks ago we had a couple of beautiful sunny days which made me think summer had come. Enthused, I bought a new outdoor table for the castle’s garden and some crash mats so I could sit out there safely.

The castle used to be a pub and my garden used to be the pub’s garden. It’s very big, almost as big as the space indoors, and it traps the sun all day. But because it’s completely paved it’s hard for me to use the space without risking hurting myself.

At work we’ve got some crash mats and these inspired me to get some for the castle. They’re large, bright, and easy to move about, and they’ll make the garden much more accessible for me.

But typically as soon as I’d bought them the weather crashed and it started raining.

Until it warms up and dries out I’ve been using the mats indoors. While this does mean the castle looks more like a kids soft-play area than a sophisticated superhero’s pad, they’re a great addition and make having a fit much more comfy.

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  1. Rachowl says:

    Typical of the weather! Thanks for including the link TH as we are looking to get some crash mats too and wanted vfm xx

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