“But Cats Though”

A couple of months ago I described how I’d been ticcing a lot about goat sex. Well, it seems that my tics have moved on again, though predictably not very far. All they’ve done is jump species.

First it was “Fuck a sheep’ then “Goat sex”, and now it’s “Cat sex.”

“Cat sex” has worked its way in gradually and imperceptibly, until today when I realised I’m ticcing about feline copulation an awful lot. And this isn’t my only kitty-related tic at the moment – I’m also saying “But cats though” almost constantly.

Who knows where we’ll go next in this mystery tour of the animal kingdom. Any suggestions?

3 responses to “But Cats Though”

  1. Toulette says:


  2. Catwings says:

    Today my Tourettes has latched onto "CATS ON SPEED" as a tic.

  3. tauntedoctopus says:

    One of my commoner tics is "Fuck the kittens", often followed by "poor kittens". Also, "I have kittens in my pants!"

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