Postal Piggy

This morning I got an unexpected package through the post. It was small and well wrapped in cardboard and tape. In fact it was so well packaged I had to use a biro to break in. The longer it took, the more curious I became.

As I started getting the package open, a strange object came into view. I reached in and pulled it out and as I did it squealed – and so did I. It was another ‘piggy’, but this time in black.

After I’d calmed down (which took a while) I read the note that came with him. It said:

‘To celebrate your fit free day.’

It was signed off from Leftwing Idiot’s parents.

I love their brilliant gift and the lovely surprise it gave me. My new Pig joins the original Piggy on the Blu-ray player.

Perhaps if I have enough fit free days I’ll end up with a whole pigsty.

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