World of the Zodiac - Gemini

Geminis – your life is full of hope. Don’t believe me? Then check out my predictions for your year ahead in the third Touretteshero World of the Zodiac video. Please share this with all the Geminis you know, love, or think need to open a savings account.

If you’re a Gemini and want to get started on investing in a hill you can help Cumbria Wildlife Trust buy Eycott Hill. You might also want to brush up on your chit-chat about tea prior to meeting those Irish lovers. The UK Tea Council might be able to help with that. Also, in terms of golf buggies you won’t find a better one than this according to Top Gear.

Don’t worry if you haven’t seen a video for your star sign yet, there’s one for everybody. Next up – Cancer, a sign I take a special interest in.

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