A Week Away

I was hanging out with Fat Sister at the castle this Sunday. She was mostly doing exam revision and as a result I heard more online neurology podcasts than I’d have liked.

While she was studying I enjoyed pottering around the castle. Because she’s my sister I can do this in a way I can’t when other people are here supporting me. There’s no pressure to entertain her, and because she’s not paid I don’t feel I’ve got to cram in lots of stuff while she’s with me. Time just hanging about in my own space like this is important to me.

When Fat Sister’s here I can move about and not be trapped on my bed as I am when I’m completely alone. The other great thing is I can shout when I need her help with something.

One important task she helped me with was laying out and checking my tent. If all goes to plan, next Saturday it won’t be laid out in the garden of the castle but pitched in a field in front of another castle in Northumberland.

At the weekend Leftwing Idiot, Poppy, Ruth, Clare and I are going to the first ever Tourettes Family Friendship Festival. We’ll be camping along with over a hundred other people all of whom have or have a connection to Tourettes. It’s being organised by TLC and the North East support group. I can’t wait! If it’s anything like the weekend in Scotland last year it’s going to be great.

I’m also looking forward to sharing this experience with old and new friends. Sadly Fat Sister can’t make it this year because it’s too close to her exam, but I really appreciated her help in getting everything ready for the expedition.

4 responses to A Week Away

  1. Toulette says:

    Omg sound great and to bad that i can’t be there because of the disstance.but hopefuly i can be there next year if there is going to be one.
    can’t wait to read about it thow.xx
    gr toulette

  2. katyloumcgoo says:

    That does sound great! Have fun.

  3. Catwings says:

    where do you find out about these events? I only ever see to hear about them after they’ve been and gone.

  4. Catwings, the best place to find out about meetings like this is through groups on social media sites like Facebook. I’m happy to point you in the direction of groups if you like. Drop me an email or get in touch through Facebook or Twitter. I hope to meet you in person at an event in the future.

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