New Door, New Day

Today a builder from my Local Authority’s Housing Adaptations Team came and fitted a new back door at the castle. It goes from the street into my garden and is operated by a code entry lock. It might not sound that glamorous, but it’s going to offer me increased independence and safety and I’m very excited about it.

The new door will mean in an emergency (like the one in February) my carers, the team who monitor my telecare alarm, or the emergency services can get into my house quickly, without having to break in. This much-anticipated adaptation will mean that:

• I can spend a bit more time on my own at home safe in the knowledge that I can be reached quickly
• More people can be on call for me – at the moment it’s just the three other people who have keys to the castle.
• If no one’s available to be on call I can still use my telecare pendent to call for help, and the Smart Team or an ambulance crew can get in to help me.

It’s going to make organising my support easier and it’ll give huge peace of mind to my family. My Local Authority’s paid for it – I wouldn’t have been able to afford it otherwise.

The builder was lovely and he’s done an amazing job. I feel much safer knowing that my castle’s no longer an impenetrable fortress and that with the right code, potential rescuers can get in quickly.

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  1. Rachowl says:

    Thats fabulous TH. I am a huge fan of telecare for the peace of mind along with the independance it can provide. So pleased that your local authority saw sense to pay for it as like you say it can be out of peoples budget otherwise yet means so much! xx

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