Walking with Dinosaurs but without Handrails

I love writing this blog but writing a post every day is a big commitment. Thankfully I’m not the only Tourettes superhero and today a friend of mine has stepped in to help. Let me introduce you to Dylan, AKA Goalie Boy.

Photo: Sam Robinson

Dylan’s twelve, lives in Nottingham and first transformed into Goalie Boy at the Touretteshero Superhero Party back in 2010. Dylan has Tourettes too and over the last year he’s had some challenging times with his tics. Over the coming months Dylan will be writing four posts for us sharing his thoughts and experiences. But that’s enough from me – now over to Dylan…

Last weekend Nottingham was overrun by creatures that were last seen over 300 million years ago, including the T Rex and the flying one with the very complicated name. But not to worry as thankfully they were electronic and under control in the Walking With Dinosaurs show at the Capital FM Arena.


We got there at 10.05am for the matinée performance starting at 11am. Because of my recent tics, which include twisting and kicking my ankles, I was in my wheelchair.

My dad had booked the last available tickets via a half price offer from a website that sounds like the word ‘Coupon’. The seats were very high up in the arena, about three rows from the top.

Plan A was to park the wheelchair in the designated spot at the Arena and walk up the steps. However we had to work out a Plan B very quickly because on the day I couldn’t walk up the steps because there weren’t any handrails (I can talk the talk…but not walk the walk!!).

We spoke to the stewards at the Arena who politely pointed us in the direction of the Box Office.

The Box Office couldn’t have been more pleasant. We were relocated to Row G which has seats for parents/carers and space for wheelchairs. Dad says that they couldn’t have been more helpful and I would like to thank them for their kindness. Oh, and by the way I didn’t like the show… I loved it! (Which is a line I learned from a 10cc song!)

My tic of the week is “My maths book committed suicide as it had too many problems.”


2 responses to Walking with Dinosaurs but without Handrails

  1. bobcorrick says:

    Dylan, what a great joke! My wife & I didn’t like it… 🙂

  2. Goalie-boy says:

    Thanks for your comment Bob.

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