A Heroic Accessory

Leftwing Idiot hates it when I don’t plan ahead, and I’ve lost track of the number of times he’s told me, ‘Inefficiency is no one’s friend.’ For years he’s been trying to get me to be more organised about the small things in life like having my keys ready when I reach my door or giving him my freedom pass before we get on the bus so it’s ready for him to swipe. But however hard I try, I’ve failed to make consistent progress.

A couple of weeks ago he presented me with a gift that’s made a big difference for both of us. It’s improved my efficiency, lessened his irritability and reduced the frustration felt by us both. What is this magic gift…?

It’s a bum-bag. For many, this accessory might be a distant memory from the early 1990s or part of the tell-tale uniform of a tourist. But for me it’s been revolutionary.

It means all my essentials – keys, phone, wallet and so on – are easily accessible and I don’t have to ask for them to be dug out of the bag that hangs on the back of my wheelchair whenever I need something. What ambulant people might not realise is that trouser pockets are pretty useless if you’re sitting down all the time.

I’m definitely enjoying the bum-bag much more than the repeated lectures on forward planning. Thank you, Leftwing Idiot.

I can certainly see bum-bags catching on in the superhero community – it’s only a matter of time before Spiderman and Wonder Woman realise how invaluable they are.

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