Leftwing Idiot Left Left-handed

Leftwing Idiot was providing my overnight care last night. He was quick to wake up and come to my aid when I was having a ‘ticcing fit’ in the middle of the night. Well, most of him was.

His right hand stayed asleep. He must’ve been lying on it strangely because it was dead to the world, and to start with he couldn’t move it at all. Despite the discomfort of the fit I was still able to find the sight of him trying to help me one-handed comical.

The fit was intense so to try and reduce my movement Leftwing Idiot used his awake hand to plonk his dead hand on top of my body. This didn’t make a big difference but I really appreciated his help, especially as it must’ve been painful for him while his hand was coming back to life.

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