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Saved By The Bowl

Happy Easter!

Because of the long weekend, lots of my regular support workers are away or had other plans. Leftwing Idiot’s stood in and is providing me with even more support than usual. We’ve had a nice weekend so far, … read more

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What Else, Alan?

Well, it’s been over a week and my potentially problematic ‘Alan fucks buses’ tic is showing no sign of letting up. In fact, it’s expanding. I now have a long list of other accusations of what else Alan’s … read more

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Farming Today

A few days ago I wrote about the many animals that have featured in my tics over the years. Catwings, a regular reader of this blog, left a comment suggesting I do a ticced version of Old McDonald.

The second … read more

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Tonight’s TV Tourettes

I’ve just finished watching the documentary I mentioned last week – Kids With Tourettes: In Their Own Words. I enjoyed it a great deal and at times found it very moving. I felt it gave a good insight into … read more



Yesterday I talked about the ambulance service. It’s a crucial service but it’s one small part of the NHS, the largest public healthcare system in the world, which is made up of a huge number of services and specialisms, each … read more

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Communication Board

This morning I had the privilege of speaking to the Board of the London Ambulance Service (LAS) about Tourettes, my experiences of their service, and the NHS in general. The Board governs the whole of the LAS and it’s made … read more

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The Joy of Goat Sex

Some tics arrive with a bang, some creep in slowly, and others mutate and evolve. Just as “Brian” eventually became “Alan fucks buses”, so my long-standing “Fuck a sheep” tic’s been quietly turning into … read more

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Jean Burn

Over the last few months my ticcing fits have become less frequent. They’ve gone from happening at least five or six times to just a couple of times per day. This is positive in many ways but the knock-on effect … read more

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I Went To Market and I Bought a …

This evening I went to Zoë’s for dinner. She lives with Poppy and two other friends, Trish and Owen, in a house close to the castle. While we waited to eat Zoë suggested we play a game. After discussing the … read more

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Sawdust is Exciting - Discuss

For several months at work my colleagues and I have been debating where to put a new swing and finally, a few weeks ago we all agreed on a location in the heart of our adventure playground. Then all we … read more

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