Saved By The Bowl

Happy Easter!

Because of the long weekend, lots of my regular support workers are away or had other plans. Leftwing Idiot’s stood in and is providing me with even more support than usual. We’ve had a nice weekend so far, hanging out either at the castle or at his flat.

Last night we stayed at his place, and I enjoyed going to sleep in his spare room again, ticcing at the cartoon star, which I can only ever see from his window. This morning my agency carer came to his flat to help me get ready for the day.

I’d had a shower and was getting dressed in the bathroom when I started having a ‘ticcing fit.’ My spine arched and I toppled backwards – thankfully I was saved from hurting myself too much…by the toilet.

Fortunately my head didn’t plunge into the loo this time. Instead, it went between the bowl and the bath and because it’s a pretty narrow gap it helped slow my descent and stopped me from thwacking the back of my head too hard on the tiles.

The restricted space also meant that in the moments before my carer and Leftwing Idiot were able to reach me I couldn’t do much damage to my head. It wasn’t particularly comfortable being stuck down there, but as my head jerked back and forth it couldn’t build up any damaging momentum.

My carer and Leftwing Idiot quickly moved me to a safer place. My hair was still very wet and left an impressive imprint on Leftwing Idiot’s T-shirt from where he’d carried me. Before the fit finished he rubbed my hair dry. I couldn’t speak so I wasn’t able tell him that rubbing my curly hair like this makes it very bushy!

But I liked how it felt having my hair dried like this and was much happier fitting without sopping locks, even if it meant having a day with 80s-style big hair.

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