Jean Burn

Over the last few months my ticcing fits have become less frequent. They’ve gone from happening at least five or six times to just a couple of times per day. This is positive in many ways but the knock-on effect is that when they do happen they tend to be more intense. They’re always worse the longer the gap between them has been.

During these more intense fits my body jerks dramatically, it’s harder for my support workers to manage, and I’m more likely to injure myself. It also means that even though I’m fitting less often it’s actually more dangerous for me to spend any time on my own.

Poppy and I were hanging out together at the castle this afternoon. I went to the loo and while I was washing my hands I started to fit. I hadn’t had one since early in the morning and my movements were ferocious. My feet knocked over the toilet brush, suspicious bleachy liquid oozed over the floor, and my head banged repeatedly on the wall and the floor.

Poppy was quick to come to my aid. She turned off the tap, and made my head safe by putting it in her lap. But despite this my head kept moving forcefully from side to side. In fact it was moving so violently I could feel my cheek getting friction burns from her jeans.

This isn’t the first time I’ve injured myself like this. I’ve had numerous carpet burns, and even a mattress burn on one occasion. Thankfully it’s not too bad this time – my cheek’s a bit red, but nicely exfoliated.

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