The Candle

I’ve been bullying inanimate objects again.

I went for some dinner at a local restaurant with Leftwing Idiot this evening. We were tired, hungry and very pleased to be eating at last. It’s a lovely cosy place, perfect for a relaxing meal. However, there was a candle on a nearby table that I instantly took against – not in an overt way, there were no candle-orientated insults – but throughout the meal I kept giving it evil looks.

Leftwing Idiot noticed and laughed. Initially I denied it, embarrassed by my strange reaction to this lump of flaming wax. But it wasn’t long before I saw the funny side too.

I sometimes have trouble with candles, I reach out and put my hand in the flame when I know I shouldn’t, but this wasn’t happening tonight at all. So I’m puzzled – I’ve no idea why I took against this particular candle and why it was in such an underhand way.

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  1. silentpoet says:

    I often feel the same way about random dining decorations. But I know I am barking mad.

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