I Drive a Car Like This!

Leftwing Idiot, Fran and I were on a dull IT training course this morning. It’s a strange experience sitting in what feels like a classroom and having to listen to someone who sounds like a teacher talking about stuff that’s amazingly boring. We were all doing our best to pay attention and behave ourselves.

During a break I was boasting about having answered a question correctly and this annoyed Leftwing Idiot. He got his own back instantly in an unusual but very effective way: He asked me how I drive a car.

You may be wondering why this was such powerful payback. I’ll explain.

At some point in the past Leftwing Idiot worked out that if he said, ‘My name’s Touretteshero and I drive a car like this,’ I’d automatically make a very over excited driving action with both hands.

And this is exactly what I did this morning, with a drink in my hand.

Luckily the trainer didn’t see any of this, and it was me who got soaked and not the computer.

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