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I’ve mentioned before how much I’ve always enjoyed drawing, and how tricky it’s become more recently because of my arm tics.

Despite this, I’ve been doing a lot of drawing recently, mainly for ‘Welcome to Biscuit Land,’ a book about my life that’s going to be published later this year. Each chapter will start with one of my hand-drawn illustrations of a tic.

I’ve really loved creating them but each one takes huge amounts of concentration, many attempts, and large quantities of paper. It can be a really frustrating process because I often tic mid-drawing and this can lead to unwanted lines right across the page, meaning I have to start all over again.

I don’t think anyone would be able to tell by looking at the drawings how difficult or time-consuming producing them is. But here’s a sneak preview so you can judge for yourself:

All the hard work’s worth it because when I finish one without my tics messing it up the sense of satisfaction and achievement I get is incredible.

Don’t forget you can add your own illustrations to the gallery using any of the many tics featured on the site. I hope you enjoy making yours as I’ve enjoyed making mine.

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  1. The Gabardine Angus says:

    Completely brilliant! I loves it 🙂

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