The Day After This Morning

I’m absolutely blown away by the incredible response to my interview yesterday on This Morning. Thanks to everyone who’s emailed, tweeted, commented on Facebook or left a message on the blog. I’ve read and appreciated every single one. It’s made me reflect on our mission to change the world ‘one tic at a time.’

At first glance it might seem like this goal is only for those who have no experience of life with tics, but reading through some of the messages today reminded me how important changing my own attitude to Tourettes has been.

Before Touretteshero I couldn’t talk about my tics without tears. I hated my tics and my frustration with them became all-consuming. Well into adulthood I felt uncomfortable even thinking about tics and this meant I often felt very lonely.

Amongst the messages of support and encouragement were many from young people with Tourettes, or their parents. I found these particularly moving:

My beautiful 10 year old boy was diagnosed with Tourettes last month and I was really scared for his future. After today’s interview I feel so much more positive.

Leah parent of a child with TS

‘I found your blog a few hours ago (it’s after midnight and a school night…) I am intrigued and filled with hope by your blog.’

Ellie young person with TS aged 14

Well-done, you did the biscuits proud. You have made the awareness of Tourettes better and cast away the stereotype of Tourettes. You have made all the Touretters proud.

Young person with TS aged 16

I have just shown my 7 year old son the interview with Touretteshero that was on This Morning and he was listening to what she was saying and he turned to me and said that is how I feel mummy.

Kathy parent of a child with TS

While I hope talking about my experiences will help make people who don’t know about Tourettes more empathetic and understanding, I feel incredibly proud to have been able to help other people with Tourettes feel more positive or more able to talk about their experiences with the people they love.

Watch the full interview below:

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