Being Prayed For

I had a new carer this evening. She came from the agency that provides me with some of my support. She was friendly and kind and in the usual way, I took her through my care plan for when I have a ‘ticcing fit’.

Shortly after this, right on cue, I started to have a fit, but to my surprise she didn’t follow the plan at all. What she did instead was put her hand on my head and pray out loud asking Jesus to heal me.

I knew she did this out of a desire to help, but it made me feel uncomfortable – mainly because I’d rather have had a cushion under my head than a hand on top of it.

All the way through I kept thinking, ‘When this eventually stops she’ll think it’s because her prayers have been answered.’

If this carer comes again, I’ll go through the care plan again, stressing the practical things I’d like her to do for me, and keeping any reliance on a savior to a minimum.

2 responses to Being Prayed For

  1. Eve says:

    Oh nooooo, that’s so inappropriate!!! As a Christian myself, I’d like to apologise for my fellow believer putting you through that <3

  2. FIEND85 says:

    I would have reported her for that. Not only is praying for you without your consent thoroughly inappropriate. She actually failed to care for your wellbeing.

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