Text STOP!

Superhero or not, I still catch a cold every so often and for the last few days I’ve been out of action with a stinker. I’ve written before about how being under the weather affects my ‘ticcing fits’ –basically, they get much worse. I’ve already had 11 today, lasting a total of almost 6 hours.

It’s bad enough being ill but having that many fits in a day is utterly exhausting and I find myself getting desperate for them to stop. In fact I got so desperate during the last one, I started shouting, ‘Text STOP!’ at my body in the hope it would respond as promptly as some of the junk messages I’ve been receiving lately. It didn’t, so I’ll just have to keep searching for the real magic words.

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  1. kathgunn says:

    so sorry to hear you have not been well, Jess. Hoe[fully you can have a nights rest and begin to recover

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