Ruth On The Weekend That Almost Never Happened

Yesterday you got my perspective on our weekend in Scotland. Here’s my co-adventurer, Ruth’s, take on it:

The weekend that almost never happened, happened – I’m so glad Touretteshero called me and gave me a gentle yet firm nudge in the right direction when I was thinking about not going.

You see, I have this useless super power tendency to get stuck and freeze when I have so much, in fact too much, to do. It’s amusing that I could organise someone else’s life and talk them through each step, but not do the same for myself. My big homework for the past few months has been to stop and breathe, get situations like these into perspective and then break tasks down into small chunks.

So when I made it to Victoria train station in good time to meet Touretteshero and Claire for the Gatwick Express, the very rushed job of packing (stuffing anything into a holdall) felt well worth it. I don’t think airport security, Touretteshero or Claire could believe the state of my crumpled clothes. I was a bit embarrassed but it was more important that all of us ticcers could come together and support each other!

The world is so much easier to face and more enjoyable when we stand together rather than go it alone. The weekend turned out to be the best experience of flying I’ve ever had and I felt so comfortable and proud having a fellow ticcer with me.

The meet-up in Scotland was so much fun and I’m glad I broke my routine and went. I shared an amazing experience with others with the same neurological condition and made many more friends for life.

I’m still making my way through my urgent-to-do list, and consequently have slept very little since being back. But sometimes that’s how life goes.

I’m glad I realised the benefit of going in time, and having a magnificent superhero friend who can help point the way when things get foggy is such a golden treasure.
Thanks, Touretteshero, for saving the day – well, the whole weekend really!

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