I’m Cured!

Well not literally.

Following all the unexpected publicity over the last few days I’ve had loads of amazing messages of support. I’ve read incredible comments online, and many other disabled people (with and without Tourettes) have been in touch to share their experiences. I’m pleased that lots of people have said they now feel differently about Tourettes.

Amongst a mountain of email I’ve been sent lots of suggestions for possible treatments and cures for Tourettes. Inevitably, most cost lots of money and don’t have much evidence to support their claims. I’ve always found the most powerful treatment for Tourettes is understanding and support. Countless times over the last few years when medications and therapies have failed, friendship and creativity have offered much needed relief.

There are some tics I’d gladly get rid of, but I’m not searching for a cure. Touretteshero is about celebrating diversity and increasing understanding. The thoughtful and encouraging comments I’ve received in the last few days fill me with more hope than the promise of a life without tics.

While I’ve been writing an email arrived from a parent who’s children have specific language impairment that perfectly expresses how I feel:

“What a boring world it would be if all was perfection. Thankfully real life is richer with its abnormalities and strangeness.”

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  1. catherine says:

    Why do people always have a desire to see us "cured" (I’m sure some relatives are planning a little trip to Lourdes behind my back!) ? They don’t seem to get that it it indeed part and parcel of who we are, to be cured would be like having to adapt to a whole new persona as TS has made me the woman I am. Like you, I have also found great relief in having friends (you included) to offer support and to just generally "get it" and understand the downs and the ups of living with TS.
    TS does leave a huge footprint on your personality, from your implusivity, creativity, ability to think quickly (in all sort of weird and wonderful ways) and I could go on. Maybe we should start some kind of game where you quote on of your tics and I from my brain full of useless crap find the song/advert/tv programme/toy/celeb etc that influenced your tic.

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