Your Mission

It’s been a beautifully hectic few days.

It started with a surprise on Tuesday morning, when an article about Touretteshero appeared in the Independent.

This got picked up by the BBC and the following day I recorded an interview for Radio 4’s Today Programme. This seemed to go down well and almost immediately we were flooded with amazing emails and interest.

On Friday the Daily Mail printed an interview about my experiences and the The Sun ran an online feature.

King Russell seems to be winning the battle to keep the site up which, at times, has been a tough job. Yesterday we had a stunning 1.1milion hits.

This excites me because Touretteshero is about broadening understanding and increasing awareness, so the more people enjoy and share the creativity and humour of Tourettes the better.

This website is only part of what Touretteshero does. Our bigger mission is to put on innovative, creative and memorable events for children and young people with Tourettes – these concentrate on playfulness and positivity rather than the problems associated with the condition.

This video showcases the incredible powers of a new band of Tourettesheroes who came together to use their imaginations to overcome dullness. Thankfully they were successful in their mission but to continue ours we need your help.

If you like what we’re doing with the website and events please consider making a donation to enable us continue to ‘Change the world one tic at a time’

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  1. robynlevy says:

    In honour of your bravery & achievements, The Parkinson Princess hereby declares April 19 to be INTERNATIONAL BISCUIT DAY!!

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