We Broke The Internet!

I’ve been writing this blog for over two years now. In that time I’ve often wondered how many people have actually been reading my daily musings on living with Tourettes Syndrome.

This evening is the first time I’m fairly certain no one’s reading my blog.


This morning BBC Radio 4 broadcast my interview with James Naughtie. It was only four minutes long but the response has been enormous.

Ten minutes after it aired we’d already had 630 visitors. Messages started flooding in and by mid-afternoon the site was down altogether. A few frantic emails later we discovered our web hosts had pulled the plug because we were melting their server!

In the end, over 18,000 people came to visit us today. That’s a lot of interest and I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed by it all. If you sent me a message and haven’t had a reply yet, please hold on – I’m working through my inbox.

King Russell, our IT guru, is on the case with the site and with a bit of luck we’ll be up and running again in the morning. Then, hopefully, we’ll be able to invite even more visitors without breaking the Internet.

3 responses to We Broke The Internet!

  1. robynlevy says:

    Hi Jess,
    Congratulations on breaking the Internet!
    I’m so thrilled that FINALLY your beautiful voice and inspirational life is infiltrating so many people’s lives! You are my hero!
    Hugs from Canada,
    The Parkinson Princess, Ms. Mastectomy and Robyn Michele Levy

  2. Stan says:

    Dear Jess
    You chose a wonderful programme to air your views. And you aired them so very eloquently.
    Informative coupled with humour
    Best wishes

  3. skeeter1959 says:

    I’ve just heard your wonderful voice on the radio program. I think it’s outstanding what you’re trying to do. I’ve thought for a long time there’s more strength in humor than any "politically correct" approach would have to many of our worlds woes. More power to you!! God Bless


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