The Joy of Mornings

Since my ‘ticcing fits’ intensified six months ago I’ve spent very little time completely on my own. I have to have someone with me to make sure I’m safe, and while this means I get to spend time with lots of different people, I sometimes miss being alone.

I’ve come to appreciate these times, and the first part of the morning’s become particularly precious. There’s often a little bit of time when my night-time support worker is still asleep or just surfacing, but I’m already awake.

I don’t do anything special. I often just sit and work, or browse the Internet in my room, but it feels peaceful that makes it an important part of my day. It’s particularly great because it feels like I’m on my own when in fact there’s still someone close at hand who can help me if necessary.

This little bit of time by myself makes a big difference to my wellbeing. It gives me time to gear up for the day, space to think, and an opportunity to just be.

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