Three Wishes

Leftwing Idiot, Poppy, and I were watching TV. Someone on the programme we had on mentioned something about having three wishes. My tics leapt at the opportunity of making three of their own:

Wish one: “A bin”
Wish two: “Latvia to be conquested by a bear”
Wish three: “For history to be repeated”

Leftwing Idiot laughed and said ‘You’re the last person on earth who should be given three wishes.’

2 responses to Three Wishes

  1. Zeebad says:

    Between you and Peter Griffin, I’d say you have all the major wishes covered.

  2. Msgoody2shoes says:

    Lol oh my god it would porbably be a relief if you said biscuits in that situation, considering how many other things could pop out of your mouth instead

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