Great Friday

It’s a bank holiday and I’ve spent most of the day hanging out with Poppy at the castle, each of us doing our own thing. She’s in her final year of a costume design course so she’s very busy making her final pieces. I’ve been doing some general pottering about, catching up on jobs, and relaxing. It’s been a lovely day and this evening it’s got even lovelier.

Poppy’s just come into my room and presented me with a beautiful pair of new gloves. Because I’d been struggling this morning to find a pair that weren’t too heavy and hot, or mashed up, she took a break from her work and made these stunning new ones. They’re lightweight, made of net and very stylish.

It appears they’re also part of a delightful new ‘Gloves for Cocktails’ scheme. We’re about to head off to a local bar so I can buy Poppy a thank-you drink and give my new gloves their first outing.

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