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Ticcing together

I’ve been looking forward to writing this entry and filling you in on my trip to Scotland to visit friends, many of whom also have Tourettes. It’s been one of the most amazing weekends I’ve had in ages.

Warm Welcomeread more


Plane Talking

It’s very late, and I’ve just got back to the castle after my weekend away in Scotland with Ruth and Claire. I’m exhausted so I’ll keep this entry simple.

Ruth and I ticced a lot of strange and potentially inflammatory … read more

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Back in a Bit

“My mum’s on a roller-coaster in Scotland, trapped by a bear.”

“My dad’s not here, he’s walking around naked in Scotland.”

Neither of my parents are actually in Scotland, but I am. I’m visiting my extended Tourettes family up here.… read more


“My Brain’s Gone to Bonnie Scotland”

My brain may be in Scotland but the rest of me hasn’t got there yet. But it will soon.

In a few hours Ruth, Claire and I will leave work, converge on Victoria Station, get on a train to Gatwick … read more

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All the Lalias

Here is what I ticced over lunch:

“Ive got all the lalias”

Don’t’ bother looking the last two up. The first two are specific symptoms of Tourettes. The second two aren’t.

Fat … read more


Hello World

If you’ve been following the blog recently you’ll know it’s been a hectic time for me recently with all the sudden media interest in Touretteshero. Today, the message is about to go global via an interview with Matthew Bannister on … read more



This morning I had a ‘ticcing fit’ while I was having a shower. I managed to turn the water off but I was stuck in the bath for a while before I could get the bath lift to … read more


Tourettes Tattoos

Who’s brave enough to have a Tourettes tattoo?

Not a tattoo done by someone with a jerky arm like me – something much more terrifying.

Poppy mentioned she was thinking about getting another tattoo and I ticced a design suggestion:… read more

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Turn the Oven On

When Fat Sister called earlier to say she was on her way round for dinner, she asked me to turn the oven on. My tics had three questions for her:

“Shall I rub my clitoris on it?”

“Shall I give … read more

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Your Mission

It’s been a beautifully hectic few days.

It started with a surprise on Tuesday morning, when an article about Touretteshero appeared in the Independent.

This got picked up by the BBC and the following day I recorded an interview … read more

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