This morning I had a ‘ticcing fit’ while I was having a shower. I managed to turn the water off but I was stuck in the bath for a while before I could get the bath lift to make me level with the edge. From there I managed to hurl myself haphazardly over the side and onto the floor.

This loud sploshing sound this made alerted Poppy to the problem, and along with Fat Sister she came to the rescue. It was a pretty undignified scene. Poppy put a towel over me and held my head while Fat Sister tried to dry me off.

As soon as my speech had returned I kept ticcing, “I’m naked” even after the fit had ended and I was fully clothed.

I’m hoping this doesn’t carry on all day.

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  1. silentpoet says:

    It is amazing how being naked can increase your feelings of vulnerability. Of course if I went around saying I was naked while clothed I would likely be considered some sort of pervert here in the states.

  2. bipolar fairy says:

    Let me make you giggle or at least smile. As you might guess from my nickname, I have bipolar but with the added complication of schizoid symptoms. While you may fall in the shower, I am under the persistent and troubling delusion that there is a werewolf that hides in my shower and waits for me to wash my hair. When rinsing my hair, like most people, I close my eyes and this instantly triggers my paranoia to the point where I start feeling around in front of me trying to find the bastard. He’s sneaky. . .I haven’t gotten him yet but I know he’s there!

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