Tourettes Tattoos

Who’s brave enough to have a Tourettes tattoo?

Not a tattoo done by someone with a jerky arm like me – something much more terrifying.

Poppy mentioned she was thinking about getting another tattoo and I ticced a design suggestion:

“A cage-fighting monkey in a Nazi uniform flashing its pants.”

This made us think it’d be good to leave more tattoo ideas to my tics. Here’s what came out:

Leftwing Idiot: “A biscuit marching over a hill into a werewolf’s bum.”

Nicola: “Three grapes and a pin.”

Leftwing Idiot’s mum: “A lighthouse in Cornwall falling off a cliff.”

Laura: “Rosa Parks taking acid.”

And finally I suggested one for myself.

“I’m going to get seagull shit tattooed on my forehead”

So who’s up for it?

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  1. Axiom says:

    This is an old post but I just wanted to leave a comment here that, having spent many giggly hours reading your hilarious tics, I found one I would absolutely have as a tattoo. That I’d actually genuinely LOVE to have as a tattoo.

    ‘Fuck a sheep like a vegan.’

    No, really. I want that tattooed on me somewhere. You have no idea how serious I’m being right now!!

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