All the Lalias

Here is what I ticced over lunch:

“Ive got all the lalias”

Don’t’ bother looking the last two up. The first two are specific symptoms of Tourettes. The second two aren’t.

Fat Sister laughed and asked, “What’s Discolalia, compulsively copying someone else’s dance moves?” It isn’t.

4 responses to All the Lalias

  1. FIEND85 says:

    I want Rambolalia. Compulsively copying rambo moves sounds frankly awesome.

  2. Fiend85, make a video of you compulsively doing rambo moves. That’s what it’s all about!

  3. The Gabardine Angus says:

    I am currently demonstrating ‘Lalalalia’. Singing loudly and tunelessly while filing.

  4. Lauriepink says:

    I am singing Rambolaaaaaliaaaaa in my head, to the tune of The Gipsy Kings’ Bamboleo.

    And now you are too! Well done!

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