Gambling with my Health

Since I started having ‘ticcing fits’ back in October I’ve been recording how many I’ve had each day and how long each one’s lasted. Every night I enter the numbers onto a spreadsheet. The other day Leftwing Idiot suggested it would be possible to generate some random lottery numbers from all that data and I really liked his idea.

The lottery has a six number draw so I looked through all the records and found the days when I’d had six fits. The lottery numbers go from 1 to 49 so I needed to find days when I’d had six fits of different lengths that lasted between 1 and 49 minutes.

It was a big search, but eventually I found seven days that fitted the bill.

Initially I couldn’t decided which of the seven sets of numbers to choose, but then I decided I’d play them all, one for each of my seven main carers who are supporting me through this tricky patch.

I’ll let you know if Tourettes gets lucky and makes anyone a millionaire

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