Counts, Shoots and Leaves

When I was sitting in Leftwing Idiot’s kitchen this afternoon while he prepared lunch I found myself absentmindedly counting the leaves on his geranium. It’s not unusual for me to start counting stuff like this when I have a spare moment.

I hadn’t planned sharing this information with anyone because it’s a habit I like to keep private. But while we were eating, I suddenly ticced:

“The geranium has 55 leaves.”

Leftwing Idiot laughed, looked across at me and said, ‘That’s true, isn’t it?’

And of course it was.

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  1. pandairo says:

    My OCD has recently dominated my life again, and i’m counting everything. This week, my average number of steps to my local shop is 3,566. I’d never told anyone that i count my footsteps until a couple of weeks ago, and now i’m contantly asked "how many steps was it from X to Y?", and it saddens me that i always know. But i can’t not count things.

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