Marmoset Moves In

A few weeks ago I mentioned that my long-standing biscuit tic was becoming increasingly rare. It hasn’t gone completely but I’m saying it a lot less than I did. Instead I’ve been ticcing a lot about “Sheep”, “Women” and the strange Tourettes invention, “Win-Bin”.

Over the last few days another word has crept in – “Marmoset”.

I’d no idea what a marmoset was, but with the help of the Internet I soon established that my new visitor is a species of monkey.

Bunny was supporting me at work today and she particularly enjoyed this playful new tic. While we ate lunch she said wistfully “I wish I could just say ‘Marmoset’ all the time without being a fake.” I really loved that she felt this way.

Lots of people say they wish they had Tourettes so they could shout swear words in public. This is lazy thinking and I’ve never heard any of my friends say that. But many people who know me do have favourite tics. Leftwing Idiot told me a while ago that he often says my tics out loud at times when I’m not around as he enjoys how they sound, and saying them cheers him up.

2 responses to Marmoset Moves In

  1. Catwings says:

    some of my current tics are marmite, marzipan and mars bar, so i can see marmoset is one i’m likely to ‘catch’ off you soon!

  2. buzzfloyd says:

    You should google ‘Marmoset there’d be days like this’. It started out as a video, but I think it might have become its own meme now.

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