Sienna Afternoon

Last week I got a call from Tourettes Action. They asked me if I’d be up for meeting an actress who’d been in touch with them. She’s preparing to play a character with Tourettes and wanted to meet someone living with it. I was naturally curious and happily agreed.

This afternoon I met Sienna Miller in a quiet pub near the lair. We were accompanied by our PAs. Hers was the organising-your-schedule type and mine was the preventing-you-stabbing-yourself-in-the-eye-with-a-biro type.

Sienna was lovely and asked a lot of thoughtful questions. She’d taken the time to read the blog in advance and clearly she’d taken it in.

We talked about what tics feel like and how people react to them. She has to come up with some tics for the character she’s playing, and it was strange thinking about being able to choose your own tics because it’s something I certainly can’t do. We agreed that if she ended up copying any of mine, they’re all so odd it’s unlikely anyone would believe they’re real.

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