At Liberty to Laugh

I’ve been at the Liberty Festival all day. It’s an annual event in Trafalgar Square that celebrates the contribution of deaf and disabled people to the arts. I went with a big group of friends.

I love the wide range of creative performances there, but I particularly look forward to comedy in the cabaret tent which is where that I spent much of the afternoon.

Usually I find watching stand-up stressful because my tics inevitably attract attention and can be mistaken for heckling. I’ve been to other events where comedians have been put off their stride, walked off, or responded so relentlessly to my tics that it’s felt like I’ve been dragged into their routine.

At Liberty this never seems to be a problem and I’m able to have a laugh with my mates and enjoy the performances. My particular favourites from today were: Blind Girl and the Crips, Liz Carr, Steve Day and Francesca Martinez.

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