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Powerful Messages Pedal By

The rain was thumping down as I walked along Brixton high street and the traffic was crawling. The street was crowded and lots of people were staring nervously at me. I ignored them and squawked on by. A passing cyclist, … read more

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Untapped Market

On my way to meet Laura and Hannah this evening I was stopped in the street by a man who asked me if I had Tourettes. When I said yes he said, “In that case I’ve got the cure.” He … read more

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Return of the Gnash

I’ve mentioned in a previous post that as a child I had a biting tic. I mainly bit myself but sometimes other people. A few years ago it resurfaced briefly with a slight twist – I’d bite the skin on … read more

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The Botox Solution

I had an appointment earlier with a new Tourettes specialist who’ll be taking over my care. I took Fat Sister, who’s a doctor, with me. This was extra useful because, after the meeting, we were able to talk things though … read more

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A Choir of Babies

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been singing my, “I’m a baby” song. The full lyrics are:

“I’m a baby,
You’re a baby,
Poke a baby,
Bank a baby.”

This has been amusing many of my friends, … read more


Finding the Key

The organisation I work for runs three different projects. This means I’ve got lots of keys. I regularly need to show people – important funders or partners for example – around the projects, and that means a lot of unlocking … read more

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Tonight I went to the Royal Albert Hall to represent the projects I work for at the RockCorps gig.

As I went in, the security woman checking my bag asked if I had anything sharp in it. I said “No. … read more

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Unkind Act

This isn’t going to be the blog entry I’d planned to write.

I’ve unexpectedly been left feeling sad and undermined by something that happened a little while ago. I’d had a great evening out with Laura and was just getting … read more

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I’ve had a great day. It wasn’t exceptional in any grand way, it’s just that I‘ve been quieter and stiller than I’ve been in a long time. I still ticced a lot but my they were noticeably less intense. It … read more

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A Sad Day For Squirrels

This morning as I was walking back to the office with Left Wing Idiot, who’s working as my support worker, we came across a dead squirrel lying in the road. A vehicle must have hit it very recently because the … read more

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