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Hats On

It’s Leftwing Idiot’s birthday so I could at last give him his present. I bought it ages ago, and since then I’ve regularly, but involuntarily, told him what I’d got for him. I gave it to him last night … read more

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Sleeping Between DJs

I stayed in Birmingham last night and slept on a friend’s floor between Leftwing Idiot and our mate Chiv. They’d both DJed at the event last night. Leftwing Idiot asked how much I was likely to tic during the night. … read more

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Over the Moon at Under the Arches

I went to Birmingham early this morning to help out at Under the Arches, a launch event organised by some friends who’ve started an organisation called Access Events. They’re going to host creative events for people with and without … read more

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Global Warning

“Don’t hit your head on the world.”

That’s exactly what I did when I head butted Leftwing Idiot’s toy globe.… read more

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Dancing, Bedlam and Acronyms

This morning I went for an assessment to see if HRT (Habit Reversal Therapy) could help me manage some of my more damaging tics, like thumping my chest and hitting my head. I’ve had to fight to get the assessment … read more

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Kindness in the Cab

When I got in a cab to come home this evening, the driver was startled at the noise I was making and looked quite scared. I explained about Tourettes and a little later he said, “I don’t care if you’re … read more

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Fucking Sleep

I’ve been sleeping badly for the last few days, waking up lots of times during the night. This might explain why I fell asleep this evening watching TV with Leftwing Idiot. When I woke up he said, ‘It’s really funny … read more

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Gifted Gloves

When I arrived at work this morning there was a massive package waiting for me. I wasn’t expecting anything so I unwrapped it excitedly. Inside were two pairs of fantastic boxing mitts and with them, a card that explained it … read more

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Boom, bang, bye-bye

This weekend was the Thames Festival. It ended this evening with the night time carnival along the river – one of my favourite events. It’s a lovely way to say goodbye to the summer. The costumes and floats are … read more

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Super Suit

I’ve been wearing my superhero suit out and about all day. I’m used to people staring at me and laughing, so I wasn’t that fazed by the idea of travelling around London in my outfit. Interestingly, most people were more … read more

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