Unkind Act

This isn’t going to be the blog entry I’d planned to write.

I’ve unexpectedly been left feeling sad and undermined by something that happened a little while ago. I’d had a great evening out with Laura and was just getting home on the bus. As I was getting off, and too late for me to respond, a man sitting near the door said, “You’re a good actor”.

I’m used to being judged by strangers and obviously I shouldn’t dwell on or care about a comment made by someone I don’t know, but what this man said has left me feeling dented.

Initially I couldn’t work out why I felt so hurt but then I realised that what upset me wasn’t that he’d judged my behaviour out of fear or ignorance, but that he’d judged my character, suggesting I’m devious and deceitful.

After thinking about it more and recalling the many acts of kindness I’ve experienced from other people, I felt better. I particularly remembered what the cab driver said last week: “You’re good, don’t let anyone tell you any different.”

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