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A Taste for Street Art

“Banksy’s love juice tasted like Creosote.”… read more

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“Knock Me Out Before You Go, Go”

I nearly knocked myself out when I went to the toilet by lurching forward on the loo and hitting my head on the basin. Fortunately I was wearing a new cap so I was one step ahead of my Tourettes … read more

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Fruity Follow Up

Yesterday I explained that I had two pineapples in my kitchen that were going off. They needed to be cut up but I wasn’t able to do it safely on my own. I shared the problem with Harry earlier and … read more

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Pineapples or Arms? Choose.

There are two pineapples in the kitchen left over from last week’s party. They’re on the turn and need to be eaten soon.

I really fancy pineapple for breakfast this morning but no one’s around to help me cut them … read more

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I was at the checkout in a supermarket this afternoon and an elderly woman walked past as I squeaked and hit my chest. She stopped and looked at me while I continued to squeak so I smiled at her. The … read more

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Ministry of Silly Walks

A couple of days ago I got a copy of a letter to my GP from my neurologist. In the letter he describes how my tics are affecting the way I walk. He said it looked like “The Ministry of … read more

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Are you a spastic?

It’s been baking hot in London and along with everybody else, I’ve been out enjoying the sunshine. It seems like the better the weather the more unusual the questions become:

Man at a bus stop: Are you a spastic?

TH: … read more

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Sleeping in the Tube

Yesterday Leftwing Idiot loaned me an inner lining for a sleeping bag to see if it would help control my tics at night. I’ve been trying to wrap myself up in my duvet in an attempt to limit my movements. … read more

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I See Dead Smarties

Fat Sister and I did more yoga this morning with Giedre. During the session I discovered some of the contents from the piñata we’d had at the party on Saturday lurking under the sofa:

“I see Smarties.”

“I see two … read more

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Independence Day

I’ve mentioned the help I get from Access to Work in previous entries. Today was the first day I was joined by my support worker. He’ll be helping me at work a couple of times a week by coming to … read more

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