Ministry of Silly Walks

A couple of days ago I got a copy of a letter to my GP from my neurologist. In the letter he describes how my tics are affecting the way I walk. He said it looked like “The Ministry of Silly Walks.”

I’m used to people who are unfamiliar with Tourettes making thoughtless remarks, but I didn’t expect to get a comment like this from my own neurologist. After reading this I’ve started feeling more self-conscious about the way I walk and it’s even popped out as a tic a couple of times.

I’m fairly certain that a doctor wouldn’t describe a wheelchair user as looking like Andy from Little Britain, or someone with a visual impairment being like Mr Magoo.

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  1. Catwings says:

    I often joke with a fellow Touretter friend about recreating the Ministry of Silly Walks with our various leg tics, but a neurologist definitely shouldn’t be saying this in a medical letter; that’s quite offenisive.

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