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“Shit Out Your Art”

Images inspired by tics have been streaming into the lair all day. It’s exciting to see what people are creating in response to things I’ve said. Particular highlights so far include an oozing sponge cake in underwear, a ferret having … read more

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The lair went tropical this evening with a Costa Rican-themed party to welcome newcomer Karen into the fold. I chose to have a couple of drinks, even though alcohol tends to make my tics worse. It’s no surprise really as … read more

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Asking for Help

Over a year ago now my GP made a request for me to receive Habit Reversal Therapy (HRT). I’ve been keen to try this option since I heard about it because it could help me replace some of my more … read more

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Shampoo Bowling

Sometimes Tourettes makes even the simplest things tricky. This morning I was trying to wash my hair but kept throwing the bottle of shampoo. If bathroom bowling was a recognised sport I would definitely have got a strike – all … read more

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A Natural Gift

Earlier this evening I gave a work presentation to a group of about thirty people. We were all outside and during my talk I kept ticced, “Squirrel.” Then, half way through, a squirrel fell out of a tree. The audience … read more

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Camping Cups

A few weeks ago I bought a set of camping cups with lids because I was getting tired of tipping drinks over myself. They’re stylish, matte black, and discreet. The lid wedges in tight and has a small hole to … read more

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Saying Goodbye to Cheese

The “Bye, bye” tic that I’ve been saying for about a month has changed quite a bit over the weeks.

The simple “Bye, bye” evolved into a gravelly “Bye, bye”. This became “Bye, bye Babybel”, and is now, “Bye, … read more

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Bruce Lee, Albert Einstein, William Shakespeare and Me

Friends and strangers are constantly misquoting me. For example:

“Figs on crisps” which was actually “Fingers on crisps.”

“Squirrel humper” which was actually “Squirrel lover.”

“Titty-wank your bank manager” which was actually “Titty-fuck your bank manager.”

“Hot green Kermit wank” … read more

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Tourettes in the Nets

Tonight England played the USA in their opening World Cup game. I watched this at Laura’s house with a bunch football-loving men. The American goalkeeper, Tim Howard, has Tourettes and as I’m no England fan I found myself rooting … read more

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My cab driver told me this morning that I was ‘possessed’. He said that I should ask a priest for help. I told him that I didn’t feel very possessed and that I’m generally quite nice to people. I asked … read more

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