Independence Day

I’ve mentioned the help I get from Access to Work in previous entries. Today was the first day I was joined by my support worker. He’ll be helping me at work a couple of times a week by coming to meetings and events with me and taking notes or typing for me. My arm tics make it difficult for me to do these tasks myself. This help will mean I’ll be able to work as quickly as someone without Tourettes.

In the past I’ve felt uncomfortable about the idea of getting extra help and I’ve worried about what other people would think about it. However, I’ve realised that there’s no point struggling just for the sake of it, if help is available.

I read an article by Laurence Clark on the BBC Ouch Website that echoes this:

Today I guess I’ve realised that living independently has nothing to do with doing everything ourselves without help, or living in isolation. It’s about us controlling our own lifestyles by making choices, taking decisions and managing our own support, as non-disabled people do every day.

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