Protests & Campaigns

Back to the Bins

Last July I wrote a long letter to Nick Gorse, Dean of Camberwell College of Art, about how awful wheelchair access is at their main site. After a long wait I got a fairly disappointing reply, which said, basically,… read more

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Anti Austerity

Yesterday 50,000 people marched through central London carrying a peaceful but powerful message to the doors of the Houses of Parliament. Poppy and I were among them.

We were there with tens of thousands of other people in the shadow… read more

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Defend the DSA

When I was eight I was diagnosed with dyslexia and dyspraxia, I was ticcing a bit then too, but they were mild, and it wasn’t until they intensified in my early twenties that I was diagnosed with Tourettes. I was… read more


Listen Now

This morning Will and I went to the RNIB’s talking book studios to take part in an edition of Disability Now’s podcast. In preparation I listened to a load of previous editions and thought they were fascinating and… read more

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European Tourettes Syndrome Awareness Day

My tics love coming up with names for new and unusual awareness days. They even have their own category in my tics section.

Here’s a brief selection:
“Happy Nacho on your Forehead Day”
“Happy Hug A Molecule… read more

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197 Thank Yous

Exactly a week ago our Kickstarter Campaign came to a triumphant end. We’d successfully raised all the money we needed to take our show, Backstage In Biscuit Land, to the Edinburgh… read more

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The Final Countdown

There are still ten days to go until the end of our Kickstarter appeal, and it’s great that we’ve already exceeded our target – it means we’ll definitely be able to take Backstage in Biscuit Landread more

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We’ve Made It!

Amazing news! We’ve hit our Kickstarter target. This means we’ll definitely be going to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August with Backstage in Biscuit Land.

Hitting our target’s been a… read more

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‘I’m Never Coming To The Theatre Again’

It’s Friday and time for a quick Kickstarter update, we’re now at £4366! This is brilliant news, thanks to everyone who’s backed Backstage In Biscuit Land – the show we’re taking to the Edinburgh Fringe. But it’s all… read more

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Half Way to Biscuit Land

After five days our Kickstarter appeal has reached £3000 – half way to the total we need to take our show Backstage In Biscuit Land to the Edinburgh… read more

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