Do Bears Shit in the Woods?

It’s not all about biscuits on here you know – far from it. A quick search of my tics for ‘Bears’ currently returns over 100 results, and they’ve made a wide range of wild claims about our furry friends over … read more

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You Take the High Road

This morning I woke up late but cheerful. I don’t usually work on Saturdays but today I did because I was covering for a colleague. For no clear reason my tics decided it would be a good morning for a … read more

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Sheepdog is a Place on Earth

For the last few days I’ve had a new musical tic that draws heavily on Belinda Carlisle’s late 80s pop classic ‘Heaven is a Place on Earth’ for inspiration. True to form though, my ticced version has much … read more

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Until last night I’d never been frightened of aubergines. Now though, just hearing the word sends a shiver down my spine. So what’s changed?

Last night Poppy and I went out for dinner and on the way home I started … read more

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Ode to a Sheepdog

Last night we had our work Christmas party at and it was utterly lovely! We had an amazing meal cooked in the kitchen of our new building and nearly all 39 of the staff team sat down and ate together … read more

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Santa Bad Man Style

I read the other day that Gangnam Style’s become You Tube’s most watched video of all time with over eight hundred and fifty million views so far. So it’s no surprise that this infectious K-Pop anthem’s started to show up … read more

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Sunday Over The Rainbow

Every day I tweet a new verbal tic on Twitter, and every day I end up spending far too long deciding which one to choose. Fortunately my mischievous friend @ticbot doesn’t suffer from the same indecision as me.

Trying to … read more

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The Joy of Hotknives

This time last month I was relaxing in a field with a lot of good friends at the Shambala festival. On the Saturday morning I met Captain Hotknives and his guitar. He started playing and almost immediately we were singing … read more


Let Me Entertain You

The second episode of Tourettes: Let Me Entertain You aired on BBC3 last night. It’s a three-part documentary, hosted by Reggie Yates, documenting the experiences and musical talents of six young people with Tourettes, one of whom is my friend … read more

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Bob the Amazing Sheepdog

I drifted awake to find our tent warm from the early morning sun. After I’d got myself together Fat Sister and I went in search of some breakfast. When we’d eaten we headed to where Leftwing Idiot and Poppy are … read more

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