Santa Bad Man Style

I read the other day that Gangnam Style’s become You Tube’s most watched video of all time with over eight hundred and fifty million views so far. So it’s no surprise that this infectious K-Pop anthem’s started to show up in my tics. It started last week with ‘Phantom Tadpole Style’ but this being December, they’ve taken on a distinctly festive theme.

Try singing some of these crackers along with the video:

Donkey Gang Bang Style

Santa Bad Man Style

Jingle Bell Sock Dog Style

Evergreen Tinsel Tangle Style

There were plenty more flying about at the conference in Birmingham yesterday but my favourite was ‘Wizard Gandalf Style.’

Festive Outburst
“Santa Bad Man Style.”

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One response to Santa Bad Man Style

  1. aldwin says:

    I forgot about that one!
    The internet informs me someone has in fact made a Gandalf Style video. Joyous times!

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